How to Make

Carrot Apple Soup

Healthy | Gluten-free | Paleo | Vegan

Here’s a healthy Carrot Apple Soup recipe that combines the sweetness of apples and carrots with savory fall spices to make a creamy and delicious soup.

Let’s get started!

First time making it and it was a success! It’s delicious and light. My fiancé even loved it and he’s picky.

— Jessica Nunez

Ingredients you will need



Spices (cumin, turmeric)



Olive oil

Optional (jalapeno, sausages)

Sauté garlic, jalapeño and carrots in oil.


Begin by sautéing garlic, jalapeño and carrots to roast and bring out more flavor.

Season with salt & spices.


Season carrots with salt, cumin and turmeric and let it cook for a minute.

Add broth & applesauce


Add broth and applesauce to soup pot. Place the lid on the pan and cook until carrots are soft and tender.

Puree soup


Puree the ingredients in the pot using an immersion blender or with a normal blender like the Vitamix.

Optional - add sausage


Add any type of meat you like such as sausages, beef, chicken, ground beef, bacon...